Aviation Technologies

New Aviation Technologies are high on the radar of the Air Force. They have long made clear the fact they feel it’s vital to rapidly research and test bleeding edge aviation technologies that can give them a competitive edge against near-peer adversaries. The two biggest that come to mind are China and Russia. This needs… Continue reading Aviation Technologies

IFEC Profit Margins

In the not too distant past, airlines depended on essentially the same technology for IFEC, as most any movie theater. A film was shot directly onto a screen using a projector. Customers could listen to the film via proprietary headsets or through in-cabin speakers. For many passengers, this was not an ideal situation. For the… Continue reading IFEC Profit Margins

Aerospace Trends in 2019

As in every industry predicting trends for the coming year(s) is never an easy job. But predicting aerospace trends is one of the toughest markets to do crystal ball gazing in. The technology moves so fast and can advance by leaps and bounds in the blink of an eye. The aerospace trends to watch for… Continue reading Aerospace Trends in 2019