Aerospace Trends in 2019

As in every industry predicting trends for the coming year(s) is never an easy job. But predicting aerospace trends is one of the toughest markets to do crystal ball gazing in. The technology moves so fast and can advance by leaps and bounds in the blink of an eye. The aerospace trends to watch for as in any other industry can be impacted by political and economic forces.


Top experts in the field made their predictions earlier in the year, let’s have a peek to see how well they’ve fared.


Many talked about the aircraft backlog and orders being lined up providing growth in manufacturing for the year to come. In all the predictions I doubt anyone could have seen the Dreamliner issues that have hit Boeing so hard in 2019. From engine issues to employee complaints about production standards, it’s shaping up to be a rough year for them.


We have reached a point that many predicted while looking at aerospace trends, but I doubt they saw some of them getting here as fast as they have. These days it seems 50% of the cost of building new high tech airplanes goes into navigation, guidance, and control. And of that, fifty percent goes to software. All of this while making the industry more complicated provides an ever expanding set of career paths that didn’t exist a couple of decades ago.


Obviously one of the most important tasks I have as a retained search expert is to be up to date on all the changes making up these aerospace trends, as they happen. I do this so that when clients come to me looking for top notch “A players” in their industry, they know they can count on me to provide them.

Trade Wars & Tariffs


One thing that many firms are worried about casting a shadow over the promise of growth is the potential of trade wars. The aerospace industry is particularly reliant on free and open trade. Aerospace companies often rely on global supply chains and market their products around the world. In short, duties and tariffs on steel and aluminum make it more expensive to build and sell planes.

Aerospace Trends Behind The Curtain


As much as everybody likes to fawn over the latest and greatest and sleekest crafts out there, the newest flying machines are only the most visible part of what goes on in the air. How the systems control the craft. The means by which the craft talks to ground control. Plus craft to craft communications. How crafts collect data and what they do with that data. Those are the things that make up the silent face of aerospace engineering. It’s not something you can touch, it’s not photogenic, and it’s largely behind the scenes. But it’s where the latest advances are taking place.


We’ve just touched on a few of the many aerospace trends taking place this year, in coming posts I plan to expand further on many other trends we are seeing industry wide. Reach out to Craig to discuss the Power Electronics industry and how he can help your staffing needs.

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