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Our Power Electronics Recruiter team identify and deliver corporate decision makers and functional leaders on a consistent basis.  These influencers enable your company to build, grow and stay competitive in the global marketplace. With 25+ years as leaders in the Power Electronics recruiting industry, we have the experience and expertise to meet or exceed your expectations by allowing our clients to hire the right candidate the first time.

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While it’s vital to be up to date on all the latest technologies, we help you find that perfect team / role fit that has the ability to guide your firm into the future. Our leading edge Power Electronics recruiting process will ensure you find the right person to fill your C-level, functional leadership, and hard-to-fill roles every time, guaranteed.

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Power Electronics Recruiter

An Industry Leading Guarantee,

The Right Hire Every Time

We spend the time, energy and skill vetting candidates for you enabling your new hire to hit the ground running.  In addition, our industry leading 24 – 36 month replacement guarantee will give you the peace of mind that other Power Electronics recruiter search firms don’t or won’t give you.

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.  Please watch the short video below to learn how the expert Power Electronics Recruiter use proven methods that unearth and deliver the best possible candidates in Power Generation / Distribution Systems, High Tech Power Systems Design, Power Conversion and Power Supplies, Nanotechnology, GaN & SiC Products.  

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